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Empire Universe 2

Empire Universe 2





Manufacturer description:

Empire Universe 2: Recharged is one of the most innovative and most powerful online browser games on the market. As a player you have the choice whether to act aggressively or peacefully. The intuitive access makes it easy for beginners to achieve initial success and to find their way in the universe. Once in the game you have all the options: Occupy and savage planets, invest in research or trade with other players. Empire Universe 2 has a huge emphasis on alliances and offers single player as well as large groups, long-lasting fun.


  • The world's first 3D space graphics engine using javascript
  • The only browser game that offers real-time battles
  • Interactive battle reports
  • 10 different resources
  • 21 different spaceship-chassis
  • Spaceships can fully put together modularly from 66 different components
  • Already built spaceships can be reconstructed or upgraded- commanders affect the strength of a fleet
  • Training of ground troops
  • 146 technologies
  • Huge tech tree
  • NPC- and player trading
  • Strong focus on alliances to promote teamplay
  • The alignment (Neutral, Researchers, Warrior, Pirate, Trader, Bounty hunter) of a player is based on his style of play
  • Players can be grouped into empires
  • Intergalactic policy
  • Piracy
  • Bounty hunting
  • Challenging campaigns
  • Planets can be conquered
  • Won commodities can be protected against looting in the bunker
  • The training of researchers improve research
  • 9 races with individual skills
  • Player attributes can be improved during the game
  • 120,000 planets in 10,000 galaxies
  • 100,000 + player each game
  • Moderated chat ingame
  • Steadily new updates in game play and technique
  • (Cluster: web3 - Language: en)
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